The New PSAT Scoring System

The New PSAT will be scored exactly like the New SAT. It will include three test scores on a scale from 10 to 40. There will be one test score for each test: the Reading Test, the Writing Test, and the Math Test. The Reading Test score and the Writing and Language Test score will be added together and converted to a single area score in Evidence-Based Reading and Writing; there will also be an area score in Math based on the Math Test Score.

The area scores will be on a scale from 200 to 800. Added together, they will form the composite score for the whole test, on a scale from 400 to 1600.


PSAT Scoring
Test Scores (10 to 40)
  • Reading Test
  • Writing Test
  • Math Test
  • Area Scores (200 to 800)
  • Evidenced-Based Reading and Writing
  • Math
  • Composite Score (400 to 1600)
  • Math (Area Score) + Evidenced-Based Reading and Writing (Area Score)

    Unlike previous versions of the PSAT, the New PSAT will be a better predictor of your SAT score as the scoring system is identical. However, the PSAT will not include an essay, similar to previous versions of the exam.