Ivy Global's New SAT Guide, 2nd Edition

730 pages (Paperback)

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The World's Most Comprehensive Book for the 2016 SAT

Ivy Global's New SAT Guide (2nd Edition) is the most comprehensive test preparation book to help students ace the new 2016 SAT. The book features three full-length practice tests. With over 700 pages of drills, strategies, and SAT approaches, students will learn the strategies they need to succeed on the new 2016 SAT.

This book has been written from scratch to address the significant changes in the SAT, including:

  • Strategies for tackling the math redesign (with particular focus on Data Analysis and Problem Solving)
  • Focus on Evidence-based Reading and Writing
  • Tips for acing the longer 50-minute optional essay
  • Strategies that address the new format: no guessing and new 1600-point scoring system
  • Resources on Founding Documents and the Great Global Conversion

Ivy Global's New SAT Guide will help students prepare for the revised 2016 SAT with:

  • 3 full-length tests at the end of the book
  • Over 500+ additional problem and drill exercises
  • Word roots list to aid in learning challenging vocabulary
  • 7 practice essay prompts
  • Drill exercises to build analysis and writing skills
  • Drill exercises to build fundamental math and problem-solving skills
  • Access to Essential Vocabulary list of 200+ words
  • Downloadable comprehensive reading list to build evidence-based reading skills
  • Online diagnostic scoring tool with personalized analysis 
  • Personalized analysis identifies strengths, weaknesses, and resources for improvement


Made in NYC

The book was created in New York City.

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