A comprehensive solution to run your own New SAT program

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Our program provides all of the training, curriculum and materials for your company or school to run a comprehensive SAT program. Our solution includes:


A custom solution

We offer schools and companies that option to put their logo on our books. This offers a compelling solution to help build your brand with a turn-key SAT prep curriculum. 

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Teacher's Manual

Our  companion to the New SAT guide offers a variety of class curricula and training for teachers.

Teacher's Manual:

  • A Companion Resource: The perfect complement to our New SAT Guide, the world's most comprehensive prep book for the new SAT.
  • Essential and Selective Strategies: Clear strategies provided for each section of the SAT
  • Tailored to the New SAT: In-depth information about the new SAT, and the differences between the new and old exam.
  • A Curriculum for Every Situation: Detailed lesson plans for SAT classes of a variety of lengths and structures.

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New SAT Guide, 2nd Edition

As the first comprehensive SAT Guide to address the changes to the new SAT in 2016, our book provides strategies and extensive practice material.

What we cover:

  • Strategies for tackling the math redesign (with particular focus on Data Analysis and Problem Solving)
  • Focus on Evidence-based Reading and Writing
  • Tips for acing the longer 50-minute optional essay
  • Strategies that address the new format and new 1600-point scoring system
  • Resources on Founding Documents and the Great Global Conversion

What's inside:

  • 3 full-length tests
  • 500+ additional problem and drill exercises
  • Word roots list to aid in learning challenging vocabulary
  • Essential Vocabulary list of 200+ words
  • Comprehensive reading list to build evidence-based reading skills
  • 7 practice essay prompts
  • Drill exercises to build analysis and writing skills
  • Drill exercises to build fundamental math and problem-solving skills

4 Full Practice Tests

Our four full SAT tests are available in separate booklets or together in a compilation. The tests replicate the actual SAT test taking experience. 


  • Separate booklets: Four separate booklets with answer sheets, creating an identical experience to taking the real SAT.
  • Individual book: One single book containing a compilation of all four full SAT practice tests.
  • Recommended for diagnostic: Diagnostic tests can help you identify your students’ strengths and weaknesses.
  • Rigor-tested questions: Questions are tried and tested by high school students in New York City.
  • Diagnostic analysis scoring: Our test booklets can be easily scored by entering answers into a spreadsheet, giving you a detailed scoring analysis.
  • Full explanations online: Go to ivyglobal.com/study to get detailed explanations of the questions.

Please call us at 1-800-470-2995 or email us at publishing@ivyglobal.com for more information.