The SAT and PSAT are similar tests with different goals. The SAT is used for college admissions where the PSAT is used for scholarships. The PSAT is generally shorter and easier, being 15 minutes shorter than the SAT. 

For the new PSAT, different tests will be administered specifically for grades 8, 9 and 10. For more information regarding these grade-level tests, see our page about the 2015 PSAT.

Evidence-Based Reading60-minute section
47 Questions
65-minute section
52 Questions
Evidence-Based Writing 35-minute section
44 Questions
35-minute section
44 Questions
Math (calculator)45-minute section
31 Questions
55-minute section
37 Questions
Math (no calculator25-minute section
17 Questions
25-minute section
20 Questions
EssayNo EssayEssay optional