Graphs on the SAT are not the most complex parts of the exam. However, there are still many things that can go wrong here, and caution should be exercised. Don’t be the one to screw up on these question types!

Read effectively.

Analyze the data first, go into the question with some idea of what information is available to you and what isn’t. If you free up some time doing these generally easy questions, you will have more time to work on more challenging questions. 

You don’t want to spend an unnecessary amount of time on these types of questions, especially if they’re easy. 

Eliminate answers.

Save time by eliminating options as you figure out the only remaining possible answer. Sometimes you won’t even need to work all the way to the end! Save some time for the next question.

Write out your work. 

This is generally something you should do for all math problems. Since it’s just for you it doesn’t have to be neat, just be sure you understand it. If something wrong in the middle of the process, its much quicker to find the problem if you have all your work laid out in front of you.

Plug it in.

If you can, try out the existing answer choices in the graph/equation! Your answer is staring you right in the face already, if this is the most effective use of your time, give it a shot!